Marco Ciani’s Professional Curriculum


IMG_1841-1200x800 Professional Curriculum Vitae


Solid experience in Supply chain processes and Project management developed in multinational contexts, covering managerial roles.


  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Management,
  • Project Management (ERP, BPR, Logistic,…),
  • CRM and Sales Force Automation,
  • Electronic Workflow Management Systems and Collaboration (Share Point, Ruledesigner),
  • Business Intelligence (Qlikview) and KPI Study,
  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Business Process Reengineering (SCOR principles and Value Stream Mapping)
  • Lean Manufacturing and Toyota Production System
  • World Class Manufacturing.

Job experience:

From June 2010 Project Manager and Supply Chain Consultant Working as a freelance consultant my main activities are related to: Project Management, Risk Analysis, Team Leading, Project Cost accounting, Project planning, Business Process Reengineering, Data and What if analysis. I’m responsible for: matching the targets and producing the deliverables accordingly to the statement of work, the timeline and the budget, fulfilling the customer needs. I led focused teams, interact with suppliers and management.

Meaningful experiences as Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Manager

From 2012 until 2015, I’ve been an ERP Project manager for EOS Business Solutions. The project management is run accordingly to the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology: Most important projects with AX:

  • Project Manager in Allegion Turkey (Allegion is a multinational company with more than 8500 employees in the world, producing security devices) implementing AX 2012 R3;
  • Project manager in Zepter Italy, manufacturing company producing home hardware, implementing AX 2012 R3 in 3 countries;
  • Team leader for Data Migration, EDI and Interfaces for MAPEI Group, chemistry company with 57 plants, implementing AX 2012 R3;
  • Project Manager in Rulmeca Germany (2 Plants), world leader in rollers and motorpulley production, rollouting Microsoft Dynamics AX2009;
  • Project Manager for Diagnostic in Rulmeca USA and Canada.

as a Project Manager

  • From 2014 until 2015, I’ve been the Project Manager of the World Class Manufacturing Project in ASK Poland. The Project was focused on both, information flows and organization review.
  • 2013: Project Manager of the Sales Force Automation and CRM project. AGGF is an Italian leader in cosmetics, known as Diego Dalla Palma Milano. The project was focused on SFA on iPad solution and Sugar CRM.
  • 2014: Project Manager of Business Intelligence Project in AGGF. The solution was based on Qlikview.
  • 2011-2012: Key User and Team Leader in PLM and Workflow automation Project (with Role designer) and Business Intelligence Project (with Qlikview) in Comecer S.p.A. (Radiochemistry machines)
  • 2015: Project Leader in NAM project, a meaningful revamping of the general market area of Bologna (CAAB S.c.p.a.)

as a Business Consultant

From 2011 until 2015 I worked as a freelance Business Consultant. My competence covers from Customer Service to Logistic, From Engineering to Production, covering all the functions involved in Supply Chain processes. Here the most significant projects where I worked as a Business Consultant:

  • World Class Manufacturing (1 Project): ASK Poland (Automotive)
  • Logistic optimization (9 Projects): ILPA-MP3 S.p.A. (Plastic), Rolli S.p.A. (Food), Sabelli S.p.A. (Food), Packaging Imolese S.r.l. (Chemical), Tazzari Group (assembly and metal production), ITT S.p.A. (automotive), AGGF S.p.A. (Cosmetics), CAAB S.c.p.a. (Food Logistic); Pulingross S.r.l. (Industrial Cleaning)
  • Customer Service organization (3 Projects): Assa Abloy S.p.A. (Security Devices); AGGF S.p.A.; Nimax S.p.A. (Industrial Printing)
  • Lean Production (2 Projects): ALI group Mareno (Professional Kitchen Hardware);  Dental X (Medical Devices)
  • Sales and Operation Planning (3 Projects): IDB S.r.l. (Food); Comecer S.p.A. (Radio Chemistry); AGGF S.p.A
  • Production Planning (4 Projects): ALI group Mareno, AGGF S.p.A.; Comecer S.p.A.; Pulingross S.r.l.
  • Lean Office (2 Projects): CAAB S.c.p.a.; AGGF S.p.A.
  • Logistic Outsorurcing (1 Project): AGGF S.p.A.;
  • Temporary Management (2 Projects): Pulingross S.r.l. (Sistemi per la Pulizia); CAAB S.c.p.a.;
  • ERP Selection (1 Project): Dental X S.p.A

as a Temporary Manager 2010 – 2011:

I’ve been the Service Manager in a web marketing Company. I led a group of 20 consultants, divided in 4 project managers, 6 html consultants, 3 graphic designers, 4 developers and 3 help desk assistants. I took the reorganization project: my goals were to analyze operations and quality processes, re-design these and manage the implementation driving the business for 12 months.

Most important collaborations Diennea S.r.l.; Comecer S.p.A.; Main Consulting S.r.l.; EOS Business Solutions S.p.A.; Studio Prisma S.a.s.; Q&O Consulting S.r.l; CAAB S.c.p.a.

Type of business or sector Information Technology, Web Marketing, Food, Cosmetics, Mechanical Industry, Automotive, Services, Furniture.

From September 2007 to May 2010 Project Manager in TXT e-solutions ERP Project manager and processes consultant in lean manufacturing. I have managed ERP projects in multinational companies (4 Projects implementing AX 4.2, 3 Projects implementing AX2009). I was responsible for team leading, project organization, Business Process Reengineering, project costs accounting and risk analysis.
Company: TXT E-SOLUTIONS, Via Frigia 27 Milano, spinoffed into NPO Business Solutions S.p.A., S.S. 11 Padana Superiore 28 Cernusco s/Naviglio MI
Business Sector: Information Technology

From January 2004 to September 2007 Organization and is director in Haworth s.p.a. Seven people were reporting to me: an assistant, two supervisors, two people assigned to help desk and other two developers. My department was in charge to re-design processes and ensure to have the right tools to support the information flows. The re-design was done following the lean thinking philosophy. The most important projects I led were: Logistic Outbound Project, Lean Manufacturing, SAP FI-CO implementation, Swing European ERP project, Business Intelligence, Installations workflow (web based on Lotus Domino), Purchasing workflow (SAP MM), RFID applications and a full package for our dealers (including space planning, CRM, remote order entry and ERP light).
Company: HAWORTH SPA, Via Einstein 63 San Giovanni in Persiceto BO
Business Sector: Furniture

From February 2003 to January 2004 Production Planning and Inbound Logistics Manager in Bonfiglioli Riduttori s.p.a. My department (I led 26 employees) was in charge to do the production planning, perform the inbound logistics and manage outsourcing suppliers. We had 4 automatic warehouses (2 Modula, 1 Traslo and 1 Trilateral). The ERP system was SAP. I was a team leader in the project to reduce the lead time in manufacturing and a key user in the project to interface the automatic warehouses with the ERP system SAP.
Company: BONFIGLIOLI RIDUTTORI SPA, Via Giovanni XXIII 7/A Lippo di Calderara BO (Forlì Plant)
Business Sector: Mechanincal industry (gear boxes)

From January 2001 to January 2003 Central Planning Manager in Haworth s.p.a. My function was in between the Customer Service and the production planning. I was in charge to confirm the customer orders accordingly to the capacity of 3 plants. My department was also in charge to monitor backlog vs. budget and delays. I implemented the “Heijunka” project based on Lean Manufacturing principles to better synchronize the 3 plants.
Company: HAWORTH SPA, Via Olmatello 21 Ozzano Emilia BO
Business Sector: Furniture

From October 1999 to January 2001 Production Planning Manager in Verlicchi s.p.a. From October 1999 to January 2001 I was responsible for the Logistic of via Verga Plant (50 workers). I created the Layout of the warehouse, and I was in charge to manage the production, logistic and distribution planning. From March 2000 to January 2001 I was responsible for the production planning in the head offices. I led the project of the new MRPII system, implementing the CRP and the MRP modules.
Company: VERLICCHI SPA, Via Casteldebole, 4 Zola Predosa BO
Business Sector: Mechanical industry (metal frames for motorcycles)

From October 1997 to September 1999 Production Planning Manager of Imola Plant in Castelli s.p.a. My department was in charge to handle the information flow in manufacturing, the monitoring of the work orders and of the inventory. I managed a group of 4 employees. I led 4 projects in the ERP implementation (Outsourcing, Specials, Daily Scheduling and CRP).
Company: CASTELLI SPA, Via Olmatello 21 Ozzano Emilia BO
Business Sector: Furniture

From November 1994 to September 1997 Production Planning in Verlicchi s.p.a. I was in charge to set the item master data for the production planning area and to manage the production planning for internal and outsourcing work orders. I was also in charge to release production plan and to manage the stock adjustments.
Company: VERLICCHI SPA, Via Casteldebole, 4 Zola Predosa BO
Business Sector: Mechanical industry (metal frames for motorcycles)