Marco Ciani’s Education and Professional Training recap
graduation-995042_1280 Education and Training

Studies :

I’ve obtained the High School diploma in 1990 (Maturità Scientifica) to the Liceo Scientifico Statale “Luigi Valeriani” – Imola; I attended until June 1994 the University of Electric Engineering in Bologna , completing 10 exams.

Training courses :

March 2012, PMP certification training, performed by Andrea Vismara of the IEEE; March 2011, “Email marketing a regola d’arte”, direct marketing training focused on emailing, performed by Roberto Ghislandi of ITER, Miland; February 2010, Workshop of Microsoft Sure Step Methodology performed by Microsoft Italy in Segrate; February 2009, Vertical Annata for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Training on the largest vertical for automotive and heavy machinery vertical on Microsoft Dynamics AX; October 2008, “SCOR” workshop performed by Enrico Camerinelli, Italian member of the Supply Chain Council; September 2007, Training on Trade and Logistics and Production modules of Microsoft Dynamics AX, performed by Microsoft Italy; May 2007, course of “Advanced tools for Organization analysis”, organized by Value Performance of Milan and leaded by eng. Ezio Prada; May 2006, course of “Organization and Processes”, organized by the IIR of Milan; February 2006, course of Negotiation Practice in Haworth (my company), leaded by Mr. Stefano Donati; April 2004, course of Project Management organized by the IIR of Milan, leaded by Mr. Ottorino Maggiore van Beest (at the end I had a frequency diploma and points for the PMI certification); From July to September 1997, course of 80 hours called “Logistic” in the IFOA institute of Reggio Emilia; From July 1994 to January 1995, a full time course of Business management organized by the IFOA institute of named “Specialist in Manufacturing and Logistics Integration”. The course took 1000 hours, divided in 560 of theory and practice, 440 of stage in a company). At the end I got the frequency certificate.

Languages :

Mother language: Italian Other Languages:

Understanding Speaking Writing
Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English B2 B2 B2 B2 B2
German A1 A1