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Lean Thinking owes its fame to the production system conceived by Toyota starting from the ’50s, following the study of Henry Ford’s production model.

Lean practice means the reduction of waste and the consequent efficiency of the entire production, management, bureaucratic and administrative supply chain. It is clear that the number of applications is practically infinite and the benefits are always easily measurable.

In this context we provide projects for training / coaching of employees, for the design of the organization and the processes in a lean perspective.

Services provided:

  • Lean Manufacturing: process analysis, application of the most widespread practices (Kanban, Kaizen, Problem solving, Value Stream Mapping)
  • World Class Manufacturing: analysis of the context, overview of data collection systems, verification of the organization, setting of control practices of pillars (SA, CD, FI, AM, WO, PM, QC, LCS, PD)
  • TPS: analysis of processes and material flows, adoption of the tools and problem solving practices typical of TPS projects (Zero Defects, MUDA elimination, Just in Time, Genchi Genbutsu, Team working)
  • Lean Office: identification of the value and methods of generation, verification of transactional volumes, timing mapping and load balancing of staff. Creation of indicators and visual practices for office management
  • Workflow Automation: process analysis, identification of decision nodes and escalation processes. Analysis and study of the best visual or electronic tools to be adopted

Daily rates per Senior Advisor: € 800 VAT excluded

Expenses: final balance

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