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Marco Ciani Consulting thinks that an Excellent Company is the one that apply an effective Organization to its Business Idea.

Today in a mature market is always more important and a competitive factor to reach an effective service level, quick responses, rapid Business Intelligence and related decisions on the strategy and the flexibility.

Organization means create condition to realize multinational, multisite or multicompany structures without redundancies or burocracy, creating lean procedures and processes, building teams in wich every member knows its role and its own responsibilities.

Supply Chain, IT and infrastructural Projects are my competence area as an Organization Consultant, Temporary Manager and Project Manager.

Working as an Organization Consultant I focus on Business Process Modeling (as is and to be analysis) and Business Process Reengineering: I adopt the Value Stream Mapping procedures to identify value and waste, SCOR guidelines to design the Supply Chain strategy and the Business Process Modeling Notation to design processes. Several years of experience on Lean Manufacturing, TPS and WCM practices allow me to go straight on the target to obtain quick win results.

I also operate as a Temporary Manager, tipically in Supply Chain contexts, where I can take responsability of a process or a department to lead it to the desired level. In my career I’ve managed Production planning, Sales and Operation Planning, Inbound logistic, Web site production, Consulting, Operations, EDP and Customer care Departments. I’m quick in entering in the organization and I’ve a great team bulding attitude.

As a Project Manager I work generally on complex ERP projects in multinational contexts, leading local projects and international roll outs, Business Intelligence, Workflow automation, PLM, CRM and SFA projects. My normal ERP Projects have budgets over 1 million euro.

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